It may be only one website, but there are a lot of pieces that make up that one website. You’ll need login info for FTP, your admin account for the content management system, yadda yadda yadda. Multiply all that by a half dozen websites, and it’s information overload.

DomainBrain has a place for everything - your FTP login, database access info, CMS admin account, plus hosting and registrar account info. All in one place, just a click away. And now with customizable categories and fields in version 2, you can fill in whatever’s missing.

DomainBrain is free for use to manage your first domain. Download it and give it a try. Like it? Purchase a license. DomainBrain 2 is a paid upgrade for registered users of version 1 - purchase a discounted upgrade license here.

DomainBrain Main Window

DomainBrain's main window sports a simple, straightforward interface.

Custom Fields

Add your own custom categories and fields.

Table Categories

Table categories are perfect for lists of data.


What Are Others Saying?

“A simple and extremely useful way to keep track of all that important but easily-forgotten information.”


“The best tool to manage a domain library you could ever find on OS X.”


“If you manage websites, get this app, you won't regret it.”

ZeroBlue Technology Solutions

“The new DomainBrain 2 is pure awesomeness. If you manage more than zero domains you need it.”

Mike Bowzeylo, Base2 Studio